Building Operation System

Building operations are becoming complicated.  Large numbers of data and information are generated that require proper management and processing. Fail to do so will result in jeopardizing building efficiency and in long run increase operation costs. Our building data analytics expert member has introduce a brand new building operation approach by introducing Building Operation System (BOS) to every building. The system is aiming for revamping completely the operation approach of traditional building management practices. By making use of unique building data digitalization and artificial intelligence algorithm on a tailor made user friendly interfacing platform, building operator can help any users retrieving critical and valuable information in dynamical manner. The BOS enable building management team improve the quality of service and avoid unnecessary service workloads. With more and more data collection for major building engineering systems, BOS can help optimizing the building plant by collected dynamic database. Operation performance of systems involving chillers, lighting, water supply, etc can be closely monitored and analyzed where daily critical management and operation decisions can now be made easily. The overall benefit of BOS would be improving building operation efficiency and thus cost savings as well as satisfying environmental policy compliance for building owners.