Data Analytics & Visualization

our data service overlays environmental data with your business context for insights

We Visualize Measures

We offer data analytics & visualization service for all kinds of central metering and monitoring systems. You will provide us either a static or dynamic data source, we will create your useful reports online or offline.

Building Energy Infographic

Building Energy Infographic

Building Energy Dashboard

Building Energy Dashboard

You Get Insights

Our data service goes beyond engineering and operational reportings. We aim to help behavior changes in corporate level. We aim to help decision making and trouble shoot for non-engineering personnel.

Event Timeline

Embrace analytics with your business context can product insights for both trouble shooting and assisting in decision making

Fail-safe Hybrid Network

We promote automated metering systems to make energy and carbon audit more meaningful. With run-time data feeds, engineers are therefore able to capture the best opportunity maximizing energy saving.

While traditional building automation systems (BAS) are doing the job, we are adopting two little equipment to support buildings with no BAS installed. The magic on these equipment is their capability to form a fail-safe data network. Not only data can optionally be connected wirelessly or over hard wire, the devices automatically form a mesh network for standby data transmission path.

Fail-safe hybrid networking

Fail-safe hybrid networking


Connecting traditional sensors and converting them into network smart devices.

APBox - Making dump sensors smarter

APBox – Making dump sensors smarter

Details be available in end of 2014


Data appliance acquiring data from multiple industrial protocols and visualize data on mobile devices.

DGBox - IoT data appliance

DGBox – IoT data appliance

Download DGBox Specifications

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